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Architectural 3D visualization studio

About the Studio

For over 8 years, Gork Studio has been successfully supporting developers and architects with the development of 3D content. The result of the studio’s work is hundreds of happy families who have made their apartment choices thanks to our renders, as well as numerous victories of our clients in architectural competitions.

Gork Studio’s work is distinguished by a systematic approach that allows for the creation of high-quality photorealistic images, animations, and interactive projects, even under time constraints.


Разработка экстерьерная визуализация профессиональные рендеры от Gork Studio

Exterior visualization

Создание интерьерной визуализации высокого качества для девелоперов и архитекторов Gork Studio

Interior visualization

Интерактивные архитектурные проекты VR AR WEB Unreal для презентации проектов Gork Studio

Interactive projects

Захватывающая архитектурная анимация от ведущей 3D студии Gork Studio

Architectural animation

Виртуальное погружение в сферические панорамы архитектурных проектов от Gork Studio

Virtual tours 360°

Профессиональная фото и видеосъемка аритектуры и интерьера от Горожанина Кирилла gorkme

Photo and video shooting


What materials are required for the evaluation and start of a visualization project?
Basic brief for analyzing incoming information:

 — Project name, geolocation, and typology
 — Number of angles or flights
 — Time of day and season for each angle
 — References
 — Final material format
 — Deadlines
 — NDA terms
 — Drawings or sketches: situational plan, general plan, landscaping and greening plan, street furniture specification, coverings, finishing materials, facades, floor plans, sections, 3D models (if available, any format)

Contact us if you encounter difficulties in gathering materials and forming the technical specifications — we will consult and help assemble the material for your project.
What are the main stages of visualization development?
Stages of 3D content development:

 — Analysis of source material
 — Scenario formation or setting of preliminary angles
 — Creation of a commercial proposal and technical specifications
 — Contract conclusion
 — Modeling
 — Visualization
 — Post-production
How many revisions can be made to a project?
In any creative endeavor, there is no limit to perfection. However, commercial tasks have constraints in terms of deadlines and budget limits. A systematic approach to project implementation guarantees quality and a predictable outcome.

The agreement of the work done occurs at the end of each project stage. After agreement, changes to the completed stages can be made as an additional task, which is evaluated separately from the main one. The same principle applies to changes in the technical specifications and incoming information.

All our technical and artistic specialists have extensive experience in the field of 3D, and the team undertakes each task in a way that they can proudly add the project to the studio’s portfolio.
What technical means are used in creating projects?
Technical tools are divided into two categories: software (SW) and hardware.

— 3Ds max — the most widespread and functional package for working with 3D graphics on the market
— Corona render — a physically accurate rendering engine that creates photorealistic content
— Adobe Photoshop — needs no introduction. Used for post-production of static images
— Davinci Resolve (Fusion Studio) — responsible for compositing, editing, and working with sound on animation projects

Our hardware is a matter of pride for the studio. We use the most productive components on the market and update our workstations every 2−3 years. For example: AMD Ryzen 3990x, Rtx 3090, 256Gb Ram, as well as our own 100Tb SAN server with a Thunderbolt 3 network.
What quality criteria are the basis of work?
There is a misconception that the concept of "beautiful" is a strictly subjective parameter. Subjectivity is one of the categories influencing the overall perception. We have developed our own system of quality criteria that allows us to objectively control the result of the work:

Technical criteria:
— Frame composition
— Geometry correctness
— Object detailing
— Lighting
— Materials

Artistic criteria:
— Storytelling
— Artistic style

Subjective criteria:
— Experience
— Perception boundaries
— Personal preferences

Learn more in detail:
How are the timelines and costs formed?
The assessment of timelines and costs for visualization, animation, or interactive projects includes a mandatory condition — preliminary task analysis. If you do not have a precise technical specification, you can limit it to a rough understanding of the incoming information, the volume of the final material, and your deadlines. This will allow us to give a preliminary assessment within one working day, and you to decide on further cooperation with Gork Studio.

We have outlined all the stages affecting the assessment of visualization projects in a separate cycle:

Gork Journal

An architectural Telegram-journal that captures the experience of our studio in the 3D, architecture, development, and art market. In the journal’s pages, you will find guides, project reviews, interviews with colleagues, and always have the opportunity to discuss relevant questions. Join us, we are more than 7,000 strong!

PS For lovers of beautiful architecture and good references, we have a special Photoproject column by the chief editor and studio head, Kirill Gorozhanin.
ФСК - Девелоперская компания из России, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2023 года
Category: Developer
Region: Russia
Start of cooperation: 2023

Key projects:
— Residential complex "Flagman", Vladivostok, Ru

FSK Group is one of the largest development companies in Russia. According to the business publication Forbes, it ranks first in the confidence rating of Russian developers in the mass housing segment.


Zaha Hadid Architects - Архитектурное бюро с офисами по всему миру - партнер Gork Studio c 2018 года
Category: Architectural Firm
Region: Global
Start of cooperation: 2018

Key projects:
— National Historical Museum, Chengdu, Ch

Zaha Hadid Architects work on projects of all scales in all building sectors. They create transformative cultural, corporate, residential, and other spaces that work in synergy with the environment. Over 950 projects in 44 countries. An architectural firm that needs no introduction.

Zaha Hadid Architects

Просвещение - Государственная корпорация из России, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2020 года
Category: State-owned Group of Companies
Region: Russia
Start of cooperation: 2020

Key projects:
— School 800, Nizhny Novgorod, Ru

Prosvetshenie is a leader in integrated products for learning, development, and leisure, shaping common values and opportunities for the realization of the potential of every individual, family, citizen, and society in Russia and other countries. Every citizen of Russia recognizes the logo of this company.


Гранель - Девелоперская компания из Москвы, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2016 года
Category: Developer
Region: Moscow
Start of cooperation: 2018

Key projects:
— Residential Complex Pehra, Moscow, Ru

GC "Granel" is one of the largest and fastest-growing development companies in Russia, specializing in the construction of residential complexes and commercial real estate. The company, which has been operating in the Russian market for 30 years, was included in the list of system-forming companies of the Russian Federation in 2022.


А101 - Девелоперская компания из Москвы, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2023 года
Category: Developer
Region: Moscow
Start of cooperation: 2016

Key projects:
— Residential complex Rodnye Kvartaly, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Prokshino, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Ispanskie Kvartaly, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Desnarechye, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Skandinaviya, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Yuzhnye Sady, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Belye Nochi, Moscow, Ru

The A101 Group of Companies is one of the largest developers in Moscow. It is listed among the system-forming enterprises of the Russian economy.


МИЦ - Девелопер из Москвы, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2018 года
Category: Developer
Region: Moscow
Start of cooperation: 2018

Key projects:
— Residential complex Klenovye Alleys, Moscow, Ru
— Residential complex Myata, Moscow, Ru

MIC Group is a team of highly qualified professionals, including builders, engineers, architects, and lawyers, with many years of experience. The company, which has more than 2,000 employees, is renowned for its principle of seeing every project through to the end. This approach and drive for leadership contribute to the continuous development of the MIC Group and strengthen its position in the real estate market. Since 2023, it has been part of the Samolet Development Group of Companies.


ННДК - Девелоперская компания из Нижнего Новгорода, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2018 года
Category: Developer
Region: Nizhny Novgorod
Start of cooperation: 2018

Key projects:
— Residential complex Betancur, Nizhny Novgorod, Ru
— Residential complex Beketov Park, Nizhny Novgorod, Ru
— Residential complex Smorodina, Nizhny Novgorod, Ru
— Residential complex Koritsa, Nizhny Novgorod, Ru

The Nizhny Novgorod Developer Company is one of the largest developers in the Nizhny Novgorod region. It specializes in the construction of residential complexes that set the standards for the quality of the modern urban environment. The NNDK Group is in the TOP-10 developers of the Nizhny Novgorod region according to the "Unified Resource of Developers", and its residential complexes are popular among the residents of Nizhny Novgorod.


ВТБ - Российский банк, сотрудничество сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2023 года
Category: Bank
Region: Russia
Start of cooperation: 2023

Key projects:
— Design of the Finopolis forum, Moscow, Ru

VTB Bank is a systemically important universal Russian bank and one of the leaders in the financial services market. The bank works with all categories of clients — large, medium, and small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, self-employed, and individuals.


HED - Архитектурное бюро из Лос-Анджелеса, сотрудничество с Gork Studio c 2016 года
Category: Architectural Firm
Region: USA
Start of cooperation: 2016

Key projects:
— Circa Towers, Los Angeles, USA

Harley Ellis Deveraux is a well-known team of architects, engineers, and designers in the US market.


Проспект - Архитектурное бюро из Нижнего Новгорода, партнер Gork Studio c 2019 года
Category: Architectural Firm
Region: USA
Start of cooperation: 2019

Key projects:
— Equestrian sports arena, Moscow, VDNKh, Ru

Prospekt is an architectural design studio founded in 1996. The studio specializes in architecture, urban planning, and interior design, acting as a general designer. The bureau was founded in Nizhny Novgorod and eventually expanded the geography of its practice, creating many projects and constructions in Moscow and the Moscow region.

APM Prospekt

Pioneer - Московский девелопер, начало сотрудничества с Gork Studio c 2024 года
Category: Developer
Region: Russia
Start of cooperation: 2024

Key projects:
— Residental complex "SHIFT", Moscow, Ru

Pioneer is a unique real estate developer in the Moscow market. Despite the volumes of construction and the obvious beauty of their facilities, from the contractor’s side, we note the attentive approach in interaction, the ability to listen and hear the engaged specialists, and the promptness in solving the most complex tasks.