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The diversity of the computer graphics (CG) market and its potential were decisive factors in the creation of Gork Studio in 2015. Studio head Kirill Gorozhanin, an architect and graduate of NNGASU, who gained experience working in several architectural firms including the large NPO "Mostovik", identified architectural visualization as the studio’s primary focus.

The work is focused on close interaction with leading Russian developers. Our clients value us for our systematic approach, the ability to scale flexibly, work on large projects, and deliver tasks on time and with high quality.

In 2021, another direction appeared under the GORK brand — the architectural journal Gork Journal, where we happily talk about architecture and share our accumulated experience.

If you want to collaborate or join the studio or journal team — write to us! We always find a use for specialists. Applicants are strongly advised to study the harmful tips before sending their portfolio :)


Kirill Gorozhanin


Architect, founder of Gork Studio and editor-in-chief of Gork Journal. Favorite hobby — architectural photography and mountains.
Kirill Gorozhanin - experienced professional in the field of architectural visualization, Head of Gork Studio

Anna Svinkova

Art Director, Gork Studio

Architect, visualizer-generalist. Responsible for the "Beauty" button, will organize your projects.
Anna Svinkova - generalist visualizer, Art Director of the architectural visualization studio Gork Studio

Alexander Suslov

Technical Director, Gork Studio

A godly modeler. Believes there are no unrealistic tasks, just a question of time.
Alexander Suslov - Technical Director at Gork Studio

Elena Gorozhanina

Editor, Gork Journal

Technical editor of the journal's platforms. Enriches your architectural base.
Elena Gorozhanina - Specialist in architecture and CG market, Editor of the architectural magazine Gork Journal

Elena Chernyak

Public Relations, Gork Journal

Organizer of dialogues with the most bureaucratized structures. Hotel business and architecture in all its manifestations.
Elena Chernyak - Rantier, specialist in the hotel business, Public Relations at Gork Journal